Remedial Massage Therapist and Infant Massage Instructor

Vivian is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Infant Massage instructor.  She was born and raised in British Hong Kong, along with her beloved husband and son, relocated to our beautiful Sunshine Coast in 2013.

Her passion on massage is focused on women’s health, particularly Bumps 2 Babes, pregnant woman!  As a mother of one, her pregnancy experience is one of the most precious and unforgettable moments of her life.  Vivian loves to ignite an “attitude of gratitude” with every pregnant woman she has the pleasure to work with.  She believes women in pregnancy are at their most gracious and beautiful. As we all know, women go through a dramatic change both physically and mentally each trimester.  As a massage therapist, her role is support the release of stress and sooth the uncomforted.

In addition to post-natal massage, Vivian can also offer postpartum belly binding service.  A traditional Asian belling binding method that promotes faster recovery and provide spinal support to a mother’s body during the postpartum period.   

Other than massage therapy, she can also offer a beautiful infant massage course to parents. Something very special that binds the family.