Midwife/Director and Lactation Consultant

Becoming a mother is an amazing and life-changing experience. However, it is not a journey that women should take alone. It was this belief that drew myself to midwifery over 25 years ago. My career has seen work in both small and large maternity wards in Queensland before joining the Coast Life Midwifery team in 2016. I was drawn to Coast Life Midwifery as I wanted to provide the type of midwife-led care that leads to better outcomes for mum and baby.

Since joining the Coast Life team I have supported countless women in their journey from pregnancy to early parenting. I love being able to provide continuity of care, getting to know each family and supporting them to have the best start possible. I find myself in constant awe of the strength of women and feels privileged to be part of their story. 

Experience means I can provide care in a range of settings including both home and hospital births. No matter what birth you are hoping for I am passionate about working in partnership with you. I will ensure you have the information and support you need to make informed choices about your care. My goal is to ensure that all women have a positive, empowering and supported experience during pregnancy, childbirth and the first few days and weeks with a new baby.

In addition to being a midwife I am also a qualified Lactation Consultant. In the early days of my career, and when I became a mother myself, I recognised a gap in the care provided to women in this area. I identified that there was a lack of support and information provided with respect to breastfeeding. Knowing how beneficial breastfeeding is for both mother and baby, I undertook further study so she could offer this service to families. 

I offer breastfeeding consultations in the clinic, as well as home visits to those who I have supported in pregnancy. Having years of experience and knowledge means I can support women with a variety of breastfeeding issues.

When I am not working I love to spend time with my family, including my three adult sons and my new granddaughter. Since moving to the coast, I make sure that I enjoy all it has to offer, walking swimming and cycling in the area. 

If you’re looking for someone to walk beside you through pregnancy, birth and beyond make an appointment to meet me today. I will be with you every step of the way, providing care and support during this transformational time.

Allison x