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Hypnobirthing – Nutrition & Herbal Medicine – Optimal Maternal Positioning


As a nutritionist, herbalist, doula and birth educator, it’s Michelle’s mission to help expectant parents achieve a healthy, happy and empowering journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


She personally understands the power of a food-as-medicine approach to optimising health in preconception, pregnancy and postpartum, and the importance of informed decision making and holistic mind and body preparation to promote, protect and support gentle physiological birth.


Living with coeliac disease and multiple autoimmune disorders, Michelle was told by doctors she would need fertility treatments and high risk management in pregnancy and birth. As a domestic violence survivor, she was warned of the risk of trauma resurfacing and potentially impacting her mental health. And the stories and memories of her own mother’s birth trauma and battle with postpartum depression remained deeply embedded.


Determined to transform that lineage of illness and trauma into power and achieve a positive birth on her terms, Michelle chose nutrition, herbal medicine, doula support, traditional midwifery and holistic birth preparation practices like hypnobirthing and Optimal Maternal Positioning. And she defied the odds to not only conceive naturally, but enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy and welcome her baby gently into the world in an empowering homebirth. 


Now on the other side of her postpartum chapter, Michelle is combining years of training, research and her personal experience to help other parents write their own empowered pregnancy, birth and postpartum story.


Using a wholefood nutrition and herbal medicine approach to preventative holistic healthcare and healing, along with birth preparation programs for the mind and body, Michelle is able to provide clients with comprehensive care and guidance to experience a healthy and happy pregnancy, a safe, empowering and even pleasurable birth, and a nourishing and deeply healing postpartum time.


Understanding the beneficial role prepared birth companions can have on birth and postpartum outcomes, Michelle is equally passionate about preparing birth partners with the tools they need to support themselves and their birthing partner during labour, birth and beyond, and offers a range of group programs and private packages tailored to individual needs. 


Michelle is an ATMS accredited nutritionist and herbalist, DNA certified doula and CAPEA accredited birth educator. She has trained extensively under leading birthwork and perinatal health professionals including Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Robin Lim, Naoli Vinaver, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Rachel Reed, Sara Wickham, Ginny Phang, Maha Al Musa, Lily Nichols, Maranda Bower, Toni Harman, Sarah Duvall and more. 


Michelle offers private sessions and interactive group classes at Coast Life Midwifery in Maroochydore, her home studio in Peregian Beach, and online.


BirthWrite is also an official Welcome Here Project health practice providing inclusive, trauma informed and LGBTQI+ tailored services.


NUTRITION & HERBAL MEDICINE: As a nutritionist and herbalist, Michelle supports families with a real food approach to supporting fertility, healthy pregnancies and babies, and postpartum replenishment. This includes optimising nutrient levels, supporting digestion and gut health, and natural support for common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and cramps, and dietary management and prevention of common complications including anaemia, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Michelle is also a Certified Postpartum Nutrition Coach helping new parents avoid postpartum depletion and mood disorders, restore hormonal balance, achieve whole body wellness and thrive in postpartum and beyond with a return to traditional wholefood nutrition and lifestyle support. Michelle also dispenses practitioner-only prenatal vitamins, probiotics, nutritional supplements and herbal medicines to support your health at every stage of your journey.


HYPNOBIRTHING: Michelle supports families to prepare for a positive birth experience with the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program. This interactive course is designed for pregnant people and birth partners to complete together, empowering you to confidently self advocate to birth on your terms, learn evidence-based birth education, understand how hormones can help or hinder labour, and take home practical strategies and natural comfort measures to support you in labour and birth, including breathing techniques, fear release activities, relaxation and visualisation exercises, real life birth videos, upright birth positions, and hands-on birth partner support tips and tricks like massage, acupressure, voice prompts and instant relaxation cues. You also receive a take-home workbook, free gift, and exclusive access to online resources, audio relaxation tracks and videos for 12 months. 


OPTIMAL MATERNAL POSITIONING: Positional complications of baby during pregnancy and labour are a leading cause of instrumental and surgical birth interventions. The Optimal Maternal Positioning workshop provides tools to optimise baby’s position in readiness for birth with a simple but effective series of daily stretches to create alignment and mobility in the pelvis during pregnancy, as well as learn where your baby is positioned, active birth positions, rebozo, and labour troubleshooting techniques. This is a fun and interactive class designed for pregnant people and birth partners to complete together, so you can confidently utilise the protocols during pregnancy and birth. You also receive your own traditional handwoven Mexican rebozo to keep, a complimentary private birth debrief session after your baby arrives, and bonus access to the OMP Pregnancy Preparation mini online course with guided demonstration videos for 12 months.


PELVIC ALIGNMENT & MOBILITY SESSIONS: Michelle provides relaxing private bodywork sessions incorporating the OMP pelvic alignment and mobility protocols to optimise your baby’s pathway for an easier, shorter and more relaxed and comfortable labour, as well as more comfort for you during pregnancy. These 90-minute sessions include a relaxing foot soak, body balance assessment, personalised OMP plan and nourishing herbal tea. This is the perfect addition to an Optimal Maternal Positioning workshop, and you can book a package to enjoy these relaxing sessions throughout your pregnancy. Recommended from 15 weeks+.


OTHER CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: As a Microbiome Baby Approved Instructor, Michelle teaches the Microbiome Baby program for expectant parents wanting to learn how to protect and nurture the microbiome of their baby for better lifelong health – starting in pregnancy and birth. As a Birth Cartographer, she provides Create Your Birth Map: Beyond the Birth Plan workshops and private sessions, designed to support parents to create considered, informed and empowering decisions for every possibility as birth unfolds. Michelle is also a trained EmbodyBirth practitioner delivering BellydanceBirth classes and pregnancy circles, focused on tapping into your innate womb wisdom through movement and honouring the mother and baby as the experts of their birth.


DOULA & BIRTH MENTOR: For clients who prefer personalised support, Michelle offers private doula and birth mentor packages to support pregnant clients and their birth partners throughout pregnancy and postpartum. These flexible packages can be tailored to include any combination of programs and services currently offered by Michelle, as well as personalised support to understand your options, know your rights, choose your birth team, create your Birth Map, and prepare for a positive, empowered birth and postpartum experience.



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