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I completed my Bachelor of Midwifery at the University of Canberra in 2016, and soon after relocated to the Moreton Bay region. The first year of my midwifery practice was completed working in a FIFO arrangement with Rockhampton Hospital and following the completion of this first year has maintained a position at my local hospital.

Having always been a maternal person and fulfilling my first dream job of becoming a mother to 4 children, I met my husband and between us we now raise 6 children.

My awareness of midwifery came about when I was present for my brothers’ birth. Despite having had 3 children of my own already, I was able to view this birth with different eyes that allowed me to observe the role of a midwife as they offered my mother support and guidance.

Prior to joining Coast Life Midwifery, I continued to grow my knowledge in order to assist women to learn more about their bodies and birth. I am a certified yoga instructor with specialties in pregnancy and also teach HypnoBirthing International classes. I have worked with women as their Doula throughout the perinatal period and I have strong advocacy for homebirth through volunteering as the Membership Secretary and support group facilitator for Homebirth QLD.

With the goal to become a private practicing midwife I consistently approached my midwifery role with a woman-centred manner and I feel it is an absolute privilege and honour to be able to work alongside women and their families during such an inspirational and empowering time in their lives.

Working with women in continuity is my dream job and I absolutely love connecting with the women and their families while facilitating education sessions in a way that allows them to connect and grow their community. Knowledge is empowering and I strive to build confidence so that women can approach their labour and birth with ownership and strengh. 

Sasha x