Kinesiology, Holistic Counselling, Access Bars, Reiki, Australian Bush Flower Essence

“I am here to guide women to be more compassionate, loving and kind to themselves. Through this we can raise balanced, grounded and openhearted children. “

Trina is a highly skilled practitioner who’s personal practice integrates a range of modalities and teachings that she has come to embody over 18 years of working with people by offering personalised holistic treatments to transform their lives by finding inner peace and calm.

She creates a sacred space where you are safe to share yourself and your wounds. She assists the shedding of accumulated stress and trauma in the nervous system offering a journey of self awareness.

Trina has assisted hundreds of women through fertility, birthing and birth trauma as well as spirited sensitive kids and teens to relax their nervous system and guide them back to feeling balanced and peaceful.

She has been known to be called by many, ‘the child whisperer’

If you are ready for a journey of self-discovery and ready to release what keeps you stuck, Trina can help you uncover and move through emotional, spiritual and physical blockages and allow your natural healing ability to flow.

“Everyone can become the essential empowerment of who they truly are, a being of love without fear and pain. “