Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Amy Paulinich is a Registered and Practising Midwife on the Sunshine Coast as well as a Yoga and Pilates instructor. She graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2016, and after an initial short stint in Innisfail, she has been based in the coast ever since. 

Using this combination of skills, Amy has cultivated ‘Natural Birth Co’, where women and their partners come to prepare physically and mentally for a natural and connecting birth. 

She teaches pregnancy and postnatal, Yoga and Pilates with midwifery education intertwined throughout. A Prenatal Body Balance Workshop, and an Appetence Birth Workshop. 

Amy is passionate about women being confident and excited leading up to birth, and feel this is achievable when they acquire the right balance of knowledge, physical preparation, and unshakable confidence in their partners ability to support them.