Personalised Pregnancy and Postnatal care with midwives you know and trust

Welcome to CLM Pregnancy and Postnatal service. This service offers you access to the care and support you need before and after the birth of your baby. It sets the tone for your journey into motherhood, based on the premise that women are strong, capable, and intricately designed to grow and birth their babies.

The benefits of continuity of care for women and babies are numerous and well documented in the literature. Coast Life midwives are caring and experienced, working holistically in partnership with you and your family to build supportive and informative connections and relationships.

Your midwife will coordinate your whole continuity experience and you will get to know and meet your midwife’s partner for antenatal checks during your pregnancy. Your midwives support each other for any emergent, scheduled leave or monthly weekend off so you will always have access to timely care and support.


Antenatal Care

Postnatal Care

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