Personalised care with a midwife you know and trust

Having access to the care and support you need before, during and after childbirth, sets the tone for your journey into motherhood. Coast Life Midwifery offers a range of care options from the early stages of pregnancy through to six weeks after the birth of your baby. 

Your initial visit will be bulk billed through Medicare so we can discuss your goals and care options. 

Some of the services included in our packages are: 
● In person 45-60 minute antenatal appointments in our beautiful midwifery clinic
 ● Referrals for ultrasounds and blood tests as needed 
● Prescribing of medications as required 
● Early labour care at home* 
● Care during labour and birth at home or in hospital*
● Postnatal Care up until your baby is 6weeks 

*Included if having CLM midwife care for your birth 

Continuity of care

Continuity of care is at the heart of everything we do. This is because of the improved outcomes for women and babies and is why it’s considered the ‘gold standard’ of maternity care. The benefits of continuity of care are well supported by research – women are more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth and less likely to use medical pain relief. Click here to read more. 

Whether you choose a traditional continuity of care model, antenatal and postnatal package or shared care experiences, you will form a strong and trusting relationship with your midwife. Your midwife will coordinate your whole continuity experience and you will have access to your midwife and/or CLM midwifery team at any time of day for care, advice and support. You will play an active role in your care and be provided with information and resources to help you 

Postnatal Care

Looking for care and support after your baby is born? The care you receive after the birth of your baby is as important as your antenatal care.

Post Birth Care

Your support and care continues well after you are discharged from hospital. With 24-hour access to our midwives, home visits and lactation support you are in safe hands.

Lactation services /
Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

Breastfeeding offers tremendous health benefits to both mother and child. Our lactation consultant can support you during this transition.

Birth Choices

Have the birthing experience that you want. Our expertise means you can choose a home or hospital birth, a water birth or……

Birth Preparation

Join our birth preparation group sessions to learn what to expect in the lead up to your baby’s arrival.

Shared Care

We offer shared-care for women who are choosing to have a private Obstetrician and are planning to birth at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.