Our Midwife Team

Anne Moore

Anne completed her midwifery education in the UK where she worked as a midwife in the community prior to relocating to New Zealand with her family. In New Zealand her belief in women and their ability to birth their baby’s with support from a midwife they know and trust became fundamental to her practice. Working in partnership with women is a privilege, with lifelong friendships and wonderful memories.

Since 2000 she has worked in Queensland across a number of different health services, implementing, promoting continuity of care and midwifery. Her midwifery roles have included management and higher levels, continually striving for change and reform in maternity services in Australia.

“Pregnancy and birth are a special time in a woman’s life and I absolutely love working with women, their partners and family, guiding them during their journey,” Anne said. “I have the ability and skills to offer women pregnancy and birthing information that will empower them to look at their options around birthing at home or hospital.”I always use these skills to work in collaboration with other health professionals and if the partnership extends to encompass others, a positive birthing environment can be achieved for the woman and family.

As a midwife I have an inherent belief that childbirth is organic and holistic in context and that it is important that whenever possible the normal physiological journey of birth should progress uninterrupted.”Anne believes in promoting, protecting and supporting normal birth and that all women have the right to self-determine their childbirth experience.

Most importantly, she believes it is every woman’s right to choose the place she births her baby with the support of a skilled midwife and that women have the right to make informed decisions and choices about their childbirth experience.

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Allison Stephens

Before joining the Coast Life Midwifery practice in 2016 Allison worked in maternity units in Bundaberg and in her early career at a small rural hospital in Gayndah.Trained as a midwife at the Gold Coast hospital in 1989, Allison has worked across all areas of a public hospital maternity unit.

Qualifying as a lactation consultant in 2000, Allison developed and managed a weekly breastfeeding clinic at the Bundaberg maternity unit and lead the unit to successfully achieve “Baby Friendly Health Initiative” accreditation.

“I believe women deserve the opportunity to have continuity of care and be supported, empowered and made to feel safe during their pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care,” Allison said “The passion I have for midwifery and the privilege of being with women has meant that have I enjoyed each and every day I have worked as a midwife. I am in constant awe of the strength of women to succeed and meet their goals.

“Working with the Coast Life Midwifery I have been privileged to develop some beautiful friendships and relationships with many women and their families. It is an absolute privilege to be able to support women, their partners and families to achieve their goals and a positive birth experience. “Supporting women to breastfeed has been a passion for Allison since her completion of midwifery training when she realised that women were not supported or even given information on “how to breastfeed”.

She trained as a breastfeeding counsellor with Nursing Mothers now the Australian Breastfeeding Association and later qualified as a Lactation Consultant to offer new mums the support, advice and encouragement to achieve what sometimes feels like the impossible.

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Jillian Clarke

Jillian was fortunate to discover her passion and love for Midwifery early in life. The joy and fulfillment that comes from working alongside women and their families as they grow, nurture and develop as parents is really a dream come true. Being able to nurture and support families and develop wonderful relationships over 9 months makes for a dream job.

Jillian began her midwifery career in Brisbane in 1991, as she began raising 4 beautiful children of her own. She has worked across many areas of midwifery (clinical, management, education) and within different models of care. These opportunities have provided Jillian with a wonderful platform of experience on which to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a private practice midwife. “I feel incredibly privileged to share this journey with women and their partners and grateful that I get to do the best job in the world everyday – Midwifery.

Jillian believes the childbearing journey opens a woman (& her family) up to immense physical, emotional and spiritual awareness & has the ability to greatly impact on her role as a mother (& parent). Education and empowerment are the cornerstones of her practice as she endeavours to provide a safe and nurturing environment for women and their families to grow and birth their babies and family unit. “I believe the woman should be in the driver’s seat of her maternity experience and my role is to provide compassionate comprehensive care and support to ensure you feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for you”. Building a trusting and supportive partnership with your midwife, helps you navigate this amazing and at times confusing journey known as parenthood. I look forward to walking the journey with you and welcoming you into the Coast Life Midwifery family.

Qualifications: RN, RM, Grad.Cert H.Ed, M.Mid, Prescribing and Diagnostics for Midwives.

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Rachael Trenouth

Antenatal and Postnatal only
Rachael brings a diverse range of experience to the Coast Life Midwifery Team. 

Her many and varied travelling experiences in Europe and Asia provided the motivation to follow her interest in Natural Therapies and on returning to Australia in 1999, she followed her passion. She completed a Degree in Health Science with Charles Sturt University complemented by Advanced Diplomas in Western Herbal Medicine, Functional Nutrition, and Naturopathy. During her studies she also started her own family. It was in this period where her own positive experiences of pregnancy and the birth of her four children had a profound effect, igniting a newly found passion in midwifery.

Rachael returned to university and completed her Bachelor of Midwifery degree at the University of Newcastle in 2013. She then started her midwifery career in the birthing suite of a large tertiary hospital in NSW. Working in this highly medicalised environment for the first seven years of her career was challenging but it provided the opportunity for advanced skill learning. Rachael also worked for two years in Midwifery Group Practice, providing community-based, midwifery led care to low-risk women during the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal period. “I benefited from developing professional relationships with women and their families at a higher level than what was possible in a hospital environment and I enjoyed the responsibility and autonomy that enabled me to support women to make informed decisions in relation to their health, pregnancy, birth and postnatal goals”.

Being a firm advocate for physiological birth, Rachael offers her combined experiences in an open, non-judgemental and supportive way. She understands and respects the wishes of women to birth healthy babies their way but always incorporates her learning in evidence-based practice in everything she does. Rachael loves working with women in the continuity of care model. “It is such a special time in women’s lives, I love getting to know women and their families and sharing this amazing journey with them”.

Continuing with her education, Rachael is now working toward her Masters in Primary Maternity Care with Griffith University. In 2019, Rachael and her family moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast. She is very excited to work for Coast Life Midwifery, “the team at Coast Life provide an unprecedented level of support to women and their families – it’s like I’ve finally found my tribe!”

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Our Admin Team


Samantha is the Practice Manager for Coast Life Midwifery.

“I love my work as I am able to be around women and families experiencing their transition to being parents,” Sam said.

“My work is underpinned by my experiences from birthing my beautiful boys with an awesome midwife, followed by a passion for breastfeeding, the joy of my own mothering and ability to provide consumer support to women, while managing the administration of a busy practice…..”


Libby joined CLM in May 2019 and brings 30+ years of office administration experience to her role in supporting our practice.

Libby first met the CLM team when her daughter was a client in 2017. She witnessed firsthand the Midwifery Continuity of Care model offered by CLM. The birth of her two grandchildren (one in hospital, one at home) she described as “the best days of her life”!

Libby is delighted to play a supporting role in the care of women and their families as they progress to motherhood and beyond. She sees it as a privilege and a delight.

Coast Life Midwifery also offers clients a range of support services through our practice partners.


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Michelle Natoli