I mean, I can get a free midwife at the hospital…

I get asked this question a lot, probably more since becoming a private midwife and it’s an excellent question. So… is it really worth it? I’ll let you read and decide.

 Clarice x

o   Because we can provide you with your emotional, physical and pregnancy support through your WHOLE pregnancy… that’s right! When that double line appears it’s time to book in with your chosen private midwife. We can provide your care at a time that suits you and in a place that feels comfortable.

o   Because we have lots of time to get to know you and your family.

o   Because we have more freedom as autonomous practitioners then hospital-based midwives, we take the time to find out what is important to you and your family… because we have the time!

o   Because private midwives don’t get caught up on hospital policy, we don’t have a one size fits all approach to pregnancy care. We are always happy to give you the best evidence-based information we can find.

o   Because you’ll get to know us and we can be on YOUR birth team… You’ll get to know all our weird quirks and uniqueness’. Midwifery continuity of care with a private midwife is an awesome relationship.

o   Because you won’t have to repeat your story each prenatal visit and you won’t be bombarded with the same info over and over and over ……

o   Because we are always happy to help you debrief from previous birth experiences. We can help explain what happened without being defensive and looking openly and constructively at the whole picture.

o   Because we have an awesome library full of resources, books, pumps and TENS that you can borrow.

o   Because we feel so strongly that your birth is unique to you and your decisions are yours alone. We will do our best to make sure you have all the evidence so you can be happy with whatever choices you make.

o   Because we can support you should you need to go to hospital for any appointments and we can advocate for you.

o   Because we will be there when you call us for your birth.

o   Because we will stay with you until after you babies born, where ever or whatever time that may be.

o   Because we can sit with you and support you through the highs and lows of early parenting, we can take your call 24/7 and you will speak to someone you know and trust. We will support you without judgement.

o   Because we know exactly what’s normal and what isn’t…. we know you and your baby.

o   Because when things get tough and plans are veer south, we stick by you! You won’t get risked our of our service.

o   Because we value the early postpartum period, we are here for you and your family and will visit you for 7 weeks after your baby’s birth.

o   Because we will always be there for you, to talk about your birth even if it’s in 10 years’ time. Every birth is precious and different and we remember them all.

o   Because we love what we do from the bottom of our hearts and it shows

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