1I’d like to introduce to you Coast Life Midwifery Group Practice, often known as MGP. MGP is a model of care by which you get to be looked after by a group of up to 4 midwives. Not only does this model invite you to have your care with a group of midwives but also within a group of pregnant women all due to birth around the same time as you.

The group will meet for an antenatal session every fortnight (as the pregnancy progresses), each session is run by 2 midwives for 2 hours, dates and times of these sessions are pre-arranged and you will receive these dates on your initial meeting. During each session you will receive your antenatal check by one of your midwives (Blood Pressure, measuring your growing belly and listening to baby’s heart rate). The other midwife will facilitate group discussion on set topics, covering; pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding early parenting and often MUCH more. You participate as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

In addition to the pre-arranged 2hr sessions the group will decide on a date to invite partners/birth support to an information night/afternoon, that way all who are attending the birth feel well informed and supported.

So I think it is true to say, that for most of us, sitting in a group with people we don’t know (yet) can be completely daunting and downright uncomfortable   (15 years ago I too would have had that same experience!).

However, when the group is facilitated and supported well, sitting, sharing and learning with others who are in the same situation can be a very positive experience.

For instance:

  • Sometimes we don’t want to ask that ‘silly question’ (NO question is a silly one by-the-way), and are so relieved when another member of the group happens to ask for us!
  • Other times we are dumbfounded that there was so much we didn’t know, and when we realise that possibly many others in the group ‘didn’t know’ either, it’s a great relief.
  • You will have familiar faces, your midwives and women in the group (with their growing bellies) throughout your pregnancy. This brings great comfort, familiarity and safety as you walk towards meeting your baby.
  • If you wish, these groups are a great chance for you to meet other women (and when partners attend the partner’s session they can connect too). We know from research and working with women, that connection during pregnancy can be vital to a woman’s birthing experience and the tender post-natal period.

Finally……..we didn’t know the group could be so much fun. Yes the Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenting topics can be serious business, but really, there is nothing like some good giggles and light hearted chit chat to cushion the new knowledge and advice we are sharing and receiving.

If this model of care sounds like one you are interested in, please call our midwives at Coast Life Midwifery (07) 5441 4882.

Much Love

Registered Midwife & MGP facilitator

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